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Acoustc Signature, a German manufacturer of high-end turntables, bases its production on advanced technology combined with the highest precision standards.

Each turntable model is manufactured in the parent factory. All turntables are equipped with the self-lubricating bearing, made of the material called Tidorfolon, which is covered with the 10 year product warranty. The balls are made of tungsten carbide – material with the highest hardness level of all the metal alloys, and the bearing ground is built from steel alloy combined with vanadium and titanium.

The turntable platters are made of a very soft aluminium alloy to optimize their periodic resonance. Thanks to their high mass, the platters are rotating in a very stable way. Each platter is coated on the rear side with resonance-reducing material. More advanced models, implement the custom technology of ‘Silencer Plates’, which eliminates noise and vibrations in all frequencies, especially between 400 – 6000 Hz. The Silencers are heavy brass discs, placed inside the round holes, drilled in the platter. The holes are drilled with the clearance of less than 1/100mm, which allows for a very tight fit. The “silencers" become an integral part of the turntable - but highly absorbing. Existing vibration energy is quickly reduced and the platter is immediately steadied.

Beginning with Manfred, all the higher models have motors remotely-sited, and placed inside a massive, separate cylindrical housing. The platters are belt-driven. The motor incorporates its own electronic controller, called the Alpha DIG, which produces  a perfect sine wave at 24VAC.

Thanks to the massive and precise construction, combined with advances electronics, each of the Acoustic Signature turntables exceeds the users’ requirements and will constitute a perfect audio source for the decades to come.

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